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Java Microservices Frameworks

From the feature-rich Spring Boot, to more niche frameworks like Dropwizard, Java microservices frameworks run the gamut of purpose and functionality. These four microservices frameworks showcase that idea, and give a good sense of what developers have at their disposal for developing Java microservices applications.

Eclipse MicroProfile

The Eclipse MicroProfile aims to create a standard API for microservices in Java. You may think of it as the Java EE for microservices - MicroProfile is the API, while there are a bunch of containers providing their own implementations (like WebSphere and WebLogic are implementing the Java EE). MicroProfile brings a bunch of vendors and community organizations together to join forces and standardize the ecosystem. Key APIs in MicroProfile include CDI, JAX-RS, JSON-P, Config, Metrics and others.

JavaFX & Spring

When working with Java these days, you rarely work just with plain Java. In most of the projects, people usually use the Spring Framework or Spring Boot, respectively. It has a lot of advantages and many useful features. However, when you're developing JavaFX applications, there is no easy way to integrate it with Spring. The integration does not work out of the box as JavaFX applications have their own lifecycle and take care of instantiating controllers.