Never before has there been a good film portrayal of ancient Greece’s favourite myth. So why would Hollywood start now? This latest attempt at bringing the son of Zeus to the big screen is brought to us by X-Men: The last Stand director Brett Ratner. If the name of the director wasn’t enough to dissuade …

Lago Project

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Live TV mobile experience to engage English Premier League fans

We helped English Premier League (EPL) deliver LIVE viewing experience of soccer matches via an iPad app to its fans, globally.

The iPhone app market is growing in popularity worldwide as a business development platform for businesses. Its capabilities to generate high revenue, better ROIs, increased user count

Webinar Recap: Leveraging Video to Engage Your Employees and Customers

Our recent webinar with keynote speakers – Daniel Wolfe & Hamish Lawson – delved into the importance of video technology for both internal communications, as well as customer engagement. Hamish Lawson, Head of Operations, Net Solutions UK, has worked in several domains, including launching his own brand in retail, working for fast-growing startups, and large.