Changing Marketing Strategy- From Manual to Digital



Any brand that comes into the market, must need to fulfill people’s expectation to build a faith in social mind regarding itself. But before fulfilling people’s expectations the particular company first needs to get in the knowledge of the society and consumers when it arrives into the market to grab their customers.

AUGO- an American company that use to sell Ratchet Strap (a strong, durable, high-tensile-strength strap with a strong metal ratcheting lock to connect one strap to another) on the Amazon online shopping platform. The product of AUGO was of very good quality, high strength etc. But after all these capabilities and positivity the company was not able to grow their Revenue as well as not even they could make themselves stand into the market competition.

Here you will read “what were the problems they faced?” & “How the Overcome that problems to make themselves stand into the market?”


The company started with a very energetic and positive spirituality along with providing the best quality of the products on order to build a name, consumer’s faith and also with the objective to grow their revenue at a high rate.

But after all, a primary problem comes in front of the company that they were not able to promote their brand, their product in order to create customers. Even people of their locality were not aware about their products. They were selling their products over the Amazon platform, as it is a huge platform with a very high competition.

As a result of which they were facing the continuous decrease in their revenue.


In order to identify their problem they analyze their business tactics the examined that they are just selling their product but not making people aware about their product and their availability in the market.

But now the question raises that how to overcome this problem?


At a very instance GV Developers comes into the contact of AUGO to help them into the business, and after the whole analysis of Business strategy, Marketing strategy and techniques of AUGO, GV Developers started a new, advanced and modern way of Marketing Strategy that is Digital Marketing.

From that period of time till now with the efforts of GV Developers and due to accepting the concept of Social Media Marketing (including Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, and various other social media platforms) a huge customer traffic comes over the Amazon market platform of AUGO.


After all of these changes in the marketing technique of AUGO a great positive output brings in favour of AUGO-

People awareness increase toward their brand

Continuous Increasing of Customers

A Huge traffic arrives over their Amazon business platform.

Continuous increasing Revenue Graph with a very high rate

Increased Sales

                      Now AUGO is able to run their business in a positive flow.

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