Gyan Vishnu Hospital- Before & After Automation



Hospital- A well defined term that clearly creates the imagination of a place in human mentality where a person thinks to get recover from all of their pain of disease and they thinks will be in safe hands. Gyan Vishnu Hospital also use to serve their best to stand up over their patient’s expectations.

But when it comes to the need of past diagnosis and documentations some situations gets arises when its becomes difficult to serve best facilities and proper caring and diagnosis to the patients.

So here you will read “what are the problems they faced” and “how they changes their tactics and get able to serve their patients from good to increasingly best care”.

After starting with a successful best hospital facility in the beginning Gyan Vishnu Hospital after sometimes started facing the various problems such as in-

Keeping all the Patients Data
Maintaining proper documentation due to large data collection.
Manually data handling.
Continuous revenue Decreasing
And other various issues.
In order to understand how to improve the facilities of the hospital and also to enhance the services they needed to analyze and look forward what should be implemented as per the advancement of our hospital with respect to the modern era.

They explored their previous methodologies what they were using and what is upcoming trends and technologies as well as the entire area that needs to be changed. They examined their problem but don’t got the solution what to do and how to tackle.

To help Gyan Vishnu Hospital GV Developers get in touch with them and analyzed their entire problems. After the overall analysis of the processes involved in OPD management, IPD Management, Billing Management, Patient Management, Staff Management etc. GV Developers automated their hospital using their Hospital Automation Software GVD-HMS.
After implementing the Software the overall statistics of the Gyan Vishnu Hospital got changed due to the sophistication in various procedures such as-

Patient Registration.
Digital Billing.
Cost Estimation.
Patient Admission Procedure
Medicine Distribution.
Generating Prescriptions.
Patient Invigilation and Reporting.
Document management.
Storing Patient’s Data.
Revenue Analysis and management.
Old Patient History Gathering.
Administrator Control and various other functionalities.

All of these management is done using a single platform & automatically handled without a third person interference.

This advancement brings a great positive changes in Gyan Vishnu Hospital’s administration & services that finally leads to bring the name of Gyan Vishnu Hospital in the list of specialized, advanced & multi-speciality patient caring centers and also results to increase their revenue graph.

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