Hospital Automation


Technology and advancements are growing rapidly now a days, result of which the human life is becoming faster. One of the most prominent factor of the use of technology and advancements is the Automation in hospitals, which often use to grab the people attentions when comes into highlights. Showing and describing the less use of Physical complexity and removing over- burdens, Hospital automation use to completes our expectation by helping in providing better patient experience, High quality of services, effective and efficient diagnosis at a lower cost.

Increasing population of patients in the hospitals now-a-days, needs more care and attention, proportionally the staffs in healthcare organizations and it is the most crucial factor, which might not be possible to afford or manage for everyone. Here the concept of automation helps to generate a streamline workflows in an efficient and effective manner. A report by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation says, “Automation makes population healthcare management feasible, scalable and sustainable”. And it can only be implemented by the acceptance of changes and advancements by the use of technology.

Looking over the graphical increment of population in hospitals, no matters if we say that adopting the Automation system in hospitals after a very short period of time will go from “nice to have” to “definitely must have”.

One of a basic example of the use of Automation in hospitals is a health information system (HIS) that basically refers to a system designed to manage healthcare data. This includes systems that collect, store, manage and transmit a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). Health information systems also include those systems that handle data related to the activities of Patients and staffs of health organizations. Because health information systems commonly access, process, or maintain large volumes of sensitive data, security is a primary concern which can be easily maintained by the use of Automation system in hospitals. It includes some middleware softwares that automatically connects the hospital and patients from each other in order to provide patient a better service.

These are the primary reasons that why most of the hospitals are accepting the automation technology to implement collaborative care, Precise data analytics, effective population health management, cost control, etc.

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