Positive Impact Of CoViD-19 Lockdown Over Environment


At the present situation, where there is complete Lockdown regarding the prevention of COVID-19. Everyone is staying at home. Schools are closed, Offices are closed, Malls, Restaurants, Shops, everything is closed. Some people started work from home.

All these conditions are one side responsible for a complete panic behavior of the public, but on the other side it is creating a positive impact over the environmental conditions.

As we all know pollution is a serious issue of the modern era that includes one of our primary necessity that is “Air”. From last few years we were continuously facing the problem of inhaling the polluted and impure air during breathing. One of the main reason for that is the over gathering and running of vehicles on the city roads.

But now when there is total lockdown in the country for the prevention of CoViD-19, there is huge number of decrease In the vehicles on the roads.

This social distancing and less vehicle running is giving over a vast impact over the environment. The air is cleaning day by day also pollution that takes place due to daily life is decreasing historically.

After all Countries that have been under complete lockdowns to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease have experienced a result of unintended benefits regarding the environment. The outbreak has, at least in small graph, but contributed to a noticeable drop in air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in some countries.

According to the Swiss organization “IQ Air”, around 1/2 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities are situated in India, and most of its credit goes to the uncountable number of vehicles running over the streets and roads in the country. After our Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed on Indian public to observe voluntary confinement (Janta Carfew) on Sunday, 22 nd March 2020, roads that were usually getting rushed with cars, buses, motorbikes and rickshaws got clear. That leads to a visible decrease in the pollutants of the air.

With more countries going into complete lockdown, demand for flight travelling, oil and electricity also may continue to drop. Nitrogen dioxide concentrations and the pollutant that use to get released during the burning of fossil fuels, have decreased somehow 40% only in China.

According to The New York Times, a larger positive impact will be felt when we stop flying. Lockdown of fewer airplanes in the sky simultaneously reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that people use to create by increasing the demand of air travelling. In fact, it takes approximately eight years of recycling to clear off the carbon emissions from a single round-trip New York to London by air.

So a precautions that are taken for the life saving of humans are also saving the environment. This shows how the survival of humans and environment are dependent over each other.

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