Using Technology In Small Businesses (Google Docs, CRM Etc.)


Small business is owned by private corporations, partnership and sole proprietor. Technology plays very important role on business rather that is small or large.

Small business generally operated at small areas. Technology helps in various parts of small businesses. As we know technology smoothen every problem of life. It provides various services that help us in our work technically.

Whenever we use to talk about starting a business the first and foremost important challenge that uses to arise in front of us is “How to stand our Business in the market?”
After the establishment of the business the various requirements are such as-

Data Management
Payment and Asset Management
Customer Relationship Management etc.

Just talking about any business that you can think of, the uses of technology in one way or other to carry out its functions. From generating and maintaining reports, or to communicating with clients or customers, technology creates a lot of the efficiency with which a business can be able to run sophisticatedly.

The technology had brought the business to a greater innovation from the era of pen and paper, and files and folders that are stored in dusty storage compartments. The uses of a technology are simply endless in the business.

Information technology brings innovation in business startups. Technology results in smarter apps, improved data storage capability, faster data processing, and wider information distribution. Use of technology makes businesses run more effectively and efficiently. And also technology use to increase value, enhances the product quality, and boosts productivity of the business.

Technological advancements through information technology had created the various radical changes in business such as:

Digital marketing is more efficient than high cost newspaper, television, and radio advertising or any manual marketing.
Online selling is more efficient than selling manually in a store.
Social networking to grab customers by using social media is more efficient than going to market place and working on to the field.
Communication with clients using CRM software is more efficient than telephonic conversations.

Same as it there are also biggest advantages of using Google Docs over Microsoft Office, as all your work is stored over cloud i.e. Google’s secure and more powerful servers. When your documents are stored in the cloud safely, you will be having much more flexibility and freedom to use your documents as according to you.

Unlike a business having a Microsoft Office based program on your computer in which your documents can only access at the place where the Office program is installed, now comparing with the cloud based Google Docs you can make yourself connect to your documents from any place or any remote location that is only having an active internet connection. This freedom makes you able to start your business or work outside from your static office room. You would also be able to bring work right to you client or customer and make the real time modifications in to documentation.

According to the above discussion about use of technology in business, it’s easy to say that use of technology is all about enhancing the business. It will be much better to say technology as a business machine, that is used to startup a business, best for the management of the business, better to collect and analyze client data, sophisticated to deliver products and services accurately and quickly.

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